Seal Beach, California – A Walk Along the Pier and Memory Lane

Seal Beach - ClockA couple of years ago Gene and I spent a few days in California visiting family and friends. While there we were also able to help celebrate my nephew’s 5th birthday party. It was great and so nice to see his young and happy spirit. I don’t know how far my memories go back, but I do know that I remember many wonderful days spent in Seal Beach. I was feeling the pull to see the ocean. Besides family, it is one of the things I miss the most about living in Colorado. One afternoon we headed to the beach and I took a walk down the Seal Beach Pier as well as memory lane. I was happy to see the clock commemorating its bicentennial on October 27, 1915.

Seal Beach WavesMain Street holds a special place in my heart. I actually lived there for the first year or so of my life. We eventually moved to Los Alamitos, but we still had a strong connection to the city. One of the restaurants there was owned first by my wonderful grandma Macey, and her sister Ardelle. It was a cute little coffee shop named Sisters Two. Years later it was named Charlie and Macey’s Coffee Shop. It was owned by my grandma and grandpa when Ardelle moved back to St. Louis. Sadly I was too young to remember when my aunt was part owner of the place.

Seal Beach - Sea LionHowever, I do have quite a few memories from the later years. I remember my mom taking us on the bus down to the beach several times a month. We’d have lunch, visit my grandparents, and hit the water. A lot has changed on Main Street in Seal Beach, but the parking situation really hasn’t. There was never enough parking spaces, even in the mid-seventies, 🙁

Their shop has been sold and has been a Mexican Restaurant called the Taco Surf. I had never been in there until this trip and have to say it looks way different than it did when they owned it. Now it is mostly all booths and tables, but it use to have a long counter. We were meeting some friends for dinner, so we didn’t eat, but I hope to the next time we are in California.

Seal Beach -HangoutThere was another restaurant my grandma worked at for a while that was right across the street. I can’t remember the name it was then, but as of 2012, it is now called The Hangout Restaurant and Beach Bar.  We actually walked into the bar, had a drink, and talked to a few locals. One person actually remembered my grandparent’s restaurant but didn’t remember either of them. But it was a nice connection. Most people didn’t remember anything but Taco Surf. I felt so old, lol

Seal Beach - ColdstoneA few doors down from the Taco Surf is now a Cold Stone Creamery, but it was, and always will be, Grandma’s Ice Cream. My mom or grandma, sometimes both, would walk us over there and let us get an ice cream cone or some candy before we headed home. It was always a great treat after playing in the water all afternoon.

Seal Beach - Clancy'sI also enjoyed seeing some of the bars that are still on Main Street. One is Clancy’s and the other is the Irisher. My grandfather had a few beers in both of these from time to time. It was nice to see a few of the businesses were still there. A lot has changed, but the feel of the city, the sound of the ocean, and the cool breeze have not changed. The pier has been damaged several times, but it has been rebuilt. So even though things change, they also stay the same.

Seal Beach - IrisherWe spent a while walking down the pier, sitting on one of the many benches, and just taking in the beauty that is the Pacific Ocean. I love listening to the crash of the waves while watching them crest and fall. It’s so hypnotizing. In the past, I have also enjoyed visiting Huntington Beach, but there is just something special about Seal Beach. While I was sitting there, I couldn’t for the life of me remember why I wanted to move out of California. Then we headed to the airport to go home, and it all came clear, lol. I just wish I could have bottled up that feeling and brought it home with us. Sadly we can’t, so I guess I will just have to keep going back and enjoying it as much as I can while I am there. Here is a website with more info and the history of the city of Seal Beach if you are interested.

Seal Beach Waves 2P.S. One more thing I wanted to share. I also miss these, but they are not worth dealing with traffic, day in and day out, lol. I was happy to see that they had opened an In n Out location in Seal Beach! So cool.  Now you can get your double double and enjoy it while listening to the waves. Hope this post brought back some happy memories. One more thing before I end this post. If you are in California around Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, make sure to check out the wonderful yearly events at Knott’s Berry Farm: Knotts Scary Farm and Knott’s Merry Farm. They are both wonderful and I miss them as well 🙁


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