Casper Museums – Best Museums in Casper, Wyoming

Casper - Horse

Gene and I have enjoyed many long weekend trips to Casper, Wyoming, and enjoy this little city a lot. Quite often we are there during the hotter time of the year or the cooler time of the year. For some reason, it just seems to have worked out that way. Thus, we have tried to do some museums and such when it is really hot out. If we are not at a museum, we are often at Frontier Brewing, or Backwards Distillery, lol.  Hey, you have to support the locals, right?  In all seriousness, we have enjoyed a few outside attractions such as the amazing Ayres Natural Bridge, and the beautiful waterfalls at Rotary Park. However today, I wanted to share a little about some of the best Casper museums in and around Casper, Wyoming. These are in no particular order: Continue reading “Casper Museums – Best Museums in Casper, Wyoming”

Wyoming State Capitol – The Equality State

Wyoming State Capitol - FrontOn our continued quest to visit all 50 capitol buildings, we decided to stop on our road trip to Billings, MT in May of 2021 to check out the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne. We had been through the capitol many years ago (long before we moved her to CO 15 years ago) but recently it had been closed for renovations. It was actually closed for over four years. I had driven by it with my nephew when we went to Cody, Wyoming to show him, but it was still closed. They are still only doing self-guided tours thanks to the idiot in China XI Jinping, but at least we were able to take a tour ourselves. It is very beautiful inside and out.

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Devils Tower National Monument – Devils Tower, Wyoming

Devils TowerIn June of 2015 we took a road trip to visit the North Dakota and South Dakota State Capitols. While on the way, we took a side trip to see Devils Tower in Wyoming. It was quite fascinating to see. It is located above the Belle Fourche River and is actually part of the Black Hills. The tower is igneous and rises dramatically 1,267 feet above the surrounding terrain and the summit is 5,114 feet above sea level.
The monument’s boundary encloses an area of 1,347 acres, and interestingly enough, was the first declared United States National Monument, established on September 24, 1906, by President Theodore Roosevelt.

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Ayres Natural Bridge Park – Wyoming’s First Tourist Attraction

Ayres Natural Bridge - SignOne of nature’s wonders, Ayres Natural Bridge is one of the few natural bridges in the world that has water flowing under it. We have seen many bridges like the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, the Skyway Bridge in Sarasota Florida, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan Bridge in New  York, but never a natural bridge like this one. It was definitely phenomenal. The bridge is part of the Casper Sandstone Formation which was laid down during the Pennsylvanian Age more than 280 million years ago.  Time and water eroded a hole in the rock allowing the stream not known as LaPrele Creek to flow through.

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South Dakota – Wyoming – US States Number 41 Through 50

South Dakota – Wyoming

USA Flag

We have traveled a lot throughout the US and have actually been to 41 of the 50 States. Thus I decided to share some information about each state as well as the state road sign. If we didn’t get to a state sign yet (or forgot to get one while we were there), I have posted another picture of a state sign and will replace it once we have pictures. In the meantime, please enjoy the information on the states from South Dakota – Wyoming.  FYI, these are in alphabetical order. Continue reading “South Dakota – Wyoming – US States Number 41 Through 50”

Rotary Park and Garden Creek Falls – Casper, WY

Rotary Park 1Last September we were able to spend a long weekend in Casper, Wyoming. We had a great time and found the people there very warm and friendly. We had a wonderful time exploring the area and enjoyed seeing some nature. This included a visit to Rotary Park and Ayers Natural Bridge.  Both were beautiful.   Continue reading “Rotary Park and Garden Creek Falls – Casper, WY”

Backwards Distilling Company and Tour- Casper, Wyoming

Backwards Distilling BldgWe recently returned from a trip to Casper, WY, and had a fantastic time. We were able to see many different types of animals and try different types of local craft beers. However, one of our more unique and interesting experiences was visiting Backwards Distilling Company. We have been to many breweries, but only one other distillery, Jack Daniels in Tennessee. Thus we were excited to do their tour. Continue reading “Backwards Distilling Company and Tour- Casper, Wyoming”