Georgia O’Keeffe Museum – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum - Bldg

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is something I had wanted to visit and explore for quite a while. I was very happy to be able to see it on our latest trip to the area. For those that may not know, the Georgia O’Keefe Museum is in honor and dedicated to the artistic legacy of none other than Georgia O’Keefe. More about her life throughout this post. For now I want to share more about the museum itself. Continue reading “Georgia O’Keeffe Museum – Santa Fe, New Mexico”

Albuquerque, New Mexico- 8 Fun Things To Do in Duke City


Hi there everyone.  In a couple of weeks, Gene and I will be heading to Albuquerque so I did some more research on the area and check out some of the things we wanted to do while in New Mexico. We have actually been to Albuquerque quite a few times and have fond memories of the Balloon Fiesta, and our Breaking Bad tour. However, there are always more things to see and do, or explore in a different city.  Thus I did some research (so you don’t have to) and found 8 must-see attractions in the area. These are in no particular order.: Continue reading “Albuquerque, New Mexico- 8 Fun Things To Do in Duke City”

New Mexico State Capitol in Santa Fe – The Land of Enchantment

New Mexico State Capitol - FrontWhile on a trip to Albuquerque, NM  in October of 2007 to see the annual Balloon Fiesta we added in an extra couple of days to check out Santa Fe. We have been to many state capitol buildings as we have traveled the US. I have to say though that one of the most interesting we visited was the New Mexico State Capitol. It is the only round state capitol in the United States. Informally it is also known as “the Roundhouse”).  What impressed me was that it was also designed to resemble the Zia Sun Symbol when viewed from above. The capitol contains 232,346 square feet and was dedicated on December 8, 1966. Continue reading “New Mexico State Capitol in Santa Fe – The Land of Enchantment”

Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico – An Event Like No Other

Balloon Fiesta 1In October of 2014, we finally got to do something I had wanted to do for quite a long time, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The fiesta is a yearly nine-day event festival of hot air balloons which takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico each October. The event is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world and has over 500 balloons each year. There are special-shaped balloon rodeos, twilight balloon glows, and vibrant balloon-filled skies. It is truly a wonderful experience.

Continue reading “Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico – An Event Like No Other”

Valley of Fire Recreation Area – Carrizozo, New Mexico

Valley of Fire1What a surprise we found here in the city of Carrizozo, Valley of Fire. It is located in New Mexico on the northern part of the Tularosa Basin between Sierra Blanca to the southeast and the Oscura Mountains to the west. This was an amazing place we stopped to visit on our way from Roswell to Albuquerque in October 2002. We stopped because someone at the White Sand Dunes had told us about this place on a previous trip. As we had never been yet, we decided to stop and check it out. Continue reading “Valley of Fire Recreation Area – Carrizozo, New Mexico”

Trinity Site in Socorro, New Mexico – National Historic Landmark

Trinity Site - 6On an impromptu road trip to New Mexico in April of 2019, we were able to see the Very Large Array and the Trinity Site. It was something Gene had been wishing to see for quite a long time, but it just hadn’t happened. Part of this was caused by the fact that the site is ONLY open to the public twice a year. According to the White Sands Missile Range website, the site is opened on the first Saturday in April and October. At the time of this post, the next time it will be open to the public will be on April 3, 2021. This event is free and open to the public. No reservations are required. Continue reading “Trinity Site in Socorro, New Mexico – National Historic Landmark”

Breaking Bad Tour – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Breaking Bad 1While in Albuquerque to see the Trinity Site and the Very Large Array in April of 2019, we decided to our own version of the Breaking Bad Tour. We really enjoyed the show and thought it would be fun to see some of the sites that were featured in the series. Of course the two biggest places on our list were Los Pollos Hermanos (Twisters) and the home of Walter and Skyler White. However, there were many other interesting places from Breaking Bad, and I will share the places we visited on our short tour. Sadly there were more places we wanted to visit, but only had some much time. I will come back later to share more after our next visit to Albuquerque.  Here is what we saw on our first trip. Continue reading “Breaking Bad Tour – Albuquerque, New Mexico”

New Mexico – South Carolina – US States Number 31 Through 40

New Mexico – South Carolina

USA FlagWe have traveled a lot throughout the US and have actually been to 41 of the 50 States. Thus I decided to share some information about each state as well as the state road sign. If we didn’t get to a state sign yet (or forgot to get one while we were there), I have posted another picture of a state sign and will replace it once we have pictures. In the meantime, please enjoy the information on the states from New Mexico – South Carolina.  FYI, these are in alphabetical order.

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Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico – Beauty Above and Below

Carlsbad Caverns SignLooking for a way to stay cool while in New Mexico during the summer? One great suggestion is the Carlsbad Caverns. We did this on a road trip in October of 2002 and it was by far the best cave we have toured. The Cave is absolutely amazing, and it was only about 65 degrees. There are several tours you can take. Some are guided and some are just self-tour. We did the Natural Entrance Tour and the Big Room Tour. Continue reading “Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico – Beauty Above and Below”