Pensacola Beach Florida – Things to do Under the Sun

Pensacola TowerIt has been quite cold here in Colorado lately and I am missing the warmth we had while in Miami, Florida this time last year and did the exciting Everglades Airboat Tour. Sadly, we won’t be back in Florida until maybe later this year.  However while talking to a friend about Florida it made me start thinking about a trip to Florida in May of 2011, when we spent time part of a week playing in the Pensacola area.  Unlike Miami, in Pensacola you will find miles of white sand beaches, but they stretch along the Gulf of Mexico. We enjoyed our time swimming and playing in these crystal clear waters.

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Huntington Beach in California – Love Strolling Along the Ocean

Huntington Beach-4Huntington Beach, California

As stated in many previous posts, I am thrilled to be living in Colorado now but there are a few things I miss about the Golden State of California. I miss our family and friends of course which is why we keep coming back to visit so often. However, while we are there, I also love eating at a few restaurants that aren’t in CO  as well as seeing the incredible Pacific Ocean. I have been on both coasts and really like the Pacific better.  There is just nothing like it. We usually try to get to one of our two favorites Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. On this particular trip, we made it to Huntington Beach. Even though it was cold, and the water was probably beyond freezing, we enjoyed being in the area. Continue reading “Huntington Beach in California – Love Strolling Along the Ocean”

Hilton Head, SC – Coligny Beach Park and Harbour Town Island

Hilton HeadI was incredibly happy to be able to spend New Year’s Eve of 2019/2020 in Hilton Head South Carolina. We had been to South Carolina once before to see their state capitol building, but never to Hilton Head, so I was so excited. I didn’t know much about Hilton Head, aka Hilton Head Island, or that it was named after Captain William Hilton. In 1663 he was the person who identified a headland near the entrance to Port Royal Sound, which mapmakers named “Hilton’s Headland.” Continue reading “Hilton Head, SC – Coligny Beach Park and Harbour Town Island”

Seal Beach, California – A Walk Along the Pier and Memory Lane

Seal Beach - ClockA couple of years ago Gene and I spent a few days in California visiting family and friends. While there we were also able to help celebrate my nephew’s 5th birthday party. It was great and so nice to see his young and happy spirit. I don’t know how far my memories go back, but I do know that I remember many wonderful days spent in Seal Beach. I was feeling the pull to see the ocean. Besides family, it is one of the things I miss the most about living in Colorado. One afternoon we headed to the beach and I took a walk down the Seal Beach Pier as well as memory lane. I was happy to see the clock commemorating its bicentennial on October 27, 1915. Continue reading “Seal Beach, California – A Walk Along the Pier and Memory Lane”

Exploring Boston Harbor and Long Wharf Pier – MA

Long-Wharf-PierI was working in Boston for a few days and enjoyed exploring the city each afternoon. I had a great time in the Public Gardens and think it was one of the highlights. However, I can’t deny the wonderful time I had visiting and taking pictures of the Boston Harbor and Long Wharf Pier on my first afternoon in town. Continue reading “Exploring Boston Harbor and Long Wharf Pier – MA”