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Golden Age Traveling in Idaho
Golden Age Traveling Blog exploring Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Hi there!
We are Eugene and Samantha Taki and are so happy you stopped by!

Thank you for making my day and taking the time to read our Golden Age Traveling Blog. It is about our family and our travels through the US, Canada, Caribbean, Europe and Mexico.  As of this post, we have been to 44 states and 10 or 11 countries. It’s not as many as some people, but way more than some. Our goal is to reach every state here in the US by 2025.  You can learn more about us on my Get to Know US page.  With that said, Gene joined the 55+ club a few years ago and I just did this year in October. Thus I have decided to not only share our travels, but also share hotel reviews, destinations, cruise information, and tips on how to travel smart for the 55+ club crowd.

Like I said though, the Golden Age Traveling blog was designed for other people who enjoy traveling regardless of age and want to read about our vacation and the activities that are available in that area.   Maybe our stories will bring back some pleasant memories for you from a previous vacation. I enjoy writing about our trips and reliving them through pictures and stories. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about our trips. Please feel free to reply and let me know about your trip or what you thought about our trip in the box below. I would love to hear from you.

If you see something you would like me to share on my blog, please feel free to Email Me. I am always looking for great information to share with my readers. If you are a fellow blogger, I would love to share links.

I promise to respond to messages ASAP. And don’t forget to share and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest @goldenagetraveling.  I created this blog and website in hopes to help feed my travel fever. So far, all it has done is make me want to travel more, lol. However, I love it, so please keep sharing! Again, please feel free to drop us a message below.

Our Latest Adventures

HI all, it was a busy summer, but our last biggest trip was to New York CIty in May. We had a great time and happened to be there during Fleet Week.  We saw so many Sailors and Marines and even got to tour the USS Bataan. It is HUGE. While in the city we also got to see a game at Citi Field and was able to do a tour of Yankee Stadium. Coney Island was so on our to-do list and happily we made it there one day. One surprising thing we did was take the Staten Island Ferry over to check out the island. It was so different than the city, and very green. Of course we spend some time at Battery Park which is one of my favorite places in lower Manhattan (probably all of the city actually). Happily I was able to see a friend and we saw some cool street art. So much to see and do, and such little time, lol. We did have a blast though, and I can’t wait to visit and explore the city again. Here are a few pictures from our visit.

Coney Island - Nathans

Citi Field - Field 1

Yankee Stadium - US



Love to Travel

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