Beach, Mountains, or Best of Both Worlds? Which do you Prefer?

Mountains vs Beaches 1Deciding to take a vacation to the beach or the mountains has probably been a dilemma for people since we’ve been able to choose between the two destinations. I lived most of my life in Southern California and admit that I mostly took the ocean for granted.

Mountains vs Beaches 3I had my choices of Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, or Huntington Beach, but never took as much time as I should have to really enjoy any of them.  It was always there and would be there tomorrow, next week, next year, etc. Once I got older it seemed like I was only there for an occasional bonfire or birthday party, but not as often as you would think living so close. During the last few years we’ve visited California, most of my beach excursions were a nice evening walking along the pier with friends

Mountains vs Beaches 2On the flip side, our family always took camping trips to the mountains every summer. We always stayed at a place with a lake or a stream, most often Mono Hot Springs. I still remember how I loved waking up to the sound of birds singing, water running, and the morning fire crackling. The smell of bacon was also a pretty awesome thing to wake up to. I definitely have fond memories of our summer camping trips. Now living in Denver near the Colorado Rockies, I appreciate their beauty and majesty. I am continually in awe of God’s amazing creations.

Mountains vs Beaches 4If I were asked to choose between the beach or the mountains, I would probably choose the mountains as long as there was a body of water to swim in and a way to cool off.  I love the water, and I think that’s what I always liked and enjoyed about the beach. Before I started writing this post, I took to social media and asked my family, friends, and colleagues whether they would choose the beach or the mountains, and most people shared their preference for the beach. Apparently, I am in the minority, but will end this by saying, I think the mountains with a body of water are the best of both worlds! I’ll take it anytime.


Mountains vs Beaches 5Many people state that there is no place quite as relaxing, beautiful, or more pleasant than the beach. The beach lets us unplug and helps us recharge. Of course, there are several health reasons why a beach vacation is beneficial.  The sun gives us a great source of vitamin D, the sand is a natural exfoliate, the sunlight is shown to decrease depression, and the seawater helps preserve the elasticity of our skin.  If you are a parent, the beach is a great place to let the kids have fun, run around, and cool off between building sandcastles.


Mountains vs Beaches 6No one can deny that the mountains are breathtaking, peaceful, and relaxing. Hearing birds chirping and seeing wildlife is also a great stress reliever. For the energetic type, hiking can have the same effect. Hiking is also a great way to wear out the kids and let them burn some energy while communing with nature. There is nothing more enjoyable to me than swimming in a lake or stream surrounded by mountains. Just incredible. I also like the fact that even though the mountains can be dry and hot, there are usually places to stop and cool off in a shady spot under a tree. However, one of the best things about vacationing in the mountains is the fact that it cools off at night, and there are no city lights blocking out the stars. Seeing all those stars and the Milky Way is spectacular and again shows the beauty the universe holds. Absolutely amazing!

Mountains vs Beaches 7What is better for you and your family for a summer vacation? That is a dilemma that you will have to decide, but whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Relax and enjoy the splendor and beauty that surrounds us.


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5 thoughts on “Beach, Mountains, or Best of Both Worlds? Which do you Prefer?

  1. The sheer number of people who visit the beach seasonally does not sit well with me anymore. I enjoy staying home with my beautiful dog, but she prefers the mountains and dislike the hot sand in her paws. Even so, the pandemic is still too close for my comfort. I hiked Mount Shasta years ago. It was spectacular!!

  2. My family are country folk and love nature. We moved to SC 20 years ago to help care for my mom with Alzheimer’s. Mom is gone but we are still here but our hearts in in the mountains. Before COVID we took monthly trips to the Great Smoky Mountains (only about 5 hour away) and it was like a different world. There were no strangers, everyone was kind and considerate of the surroundings and it is so beautiful just sitting along the river bank and listening to the water cascade over and around the rocks. Or watch the waterfalls while the wild animals frolicked in the fields. The air is clean and fresh and it’s so refreshing waking up to the brisk morning air. So my choice is the mountains. Glad to see you back and joining in, it’s never too late!

    1. Thanks Martha for your message and welcome back! The Great Smoky Mountains are definitely on our ever-growing to-do list, lol.

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