Vacation Time: Do You Use Yours Each Year? If Not, Why?

Vacation Time 1 Did you use all of your vacation time each year? I know we certainly don’t have an issue using ours.  As fast-paced and crazy as our lives are, we definitely need the time away to spend some quality time together and connect in a way you can’t during the typical 9-5 routine. There is always this chore that needs to be done or this project that needs to be finished. It’s never-ending.   I can see why it would be even more important and necessary for families to get away together as a group with some mom and dad time built-in (or maybe even a second get-away). Continue reading “Vacation Time: Do You Use Yours Each Year? If Not, Why?”

Park City Olympic Park- Utah’s 2002 Olympic Winter Games Venue

Park City Olympic Park - RingsIn April 2009 we were in Salt Lake City to see their State Capitol Building and decided to drive up to Park City. While there we had a wonderful time exploring Park City Olympic Park. This is one of the cities that hosted the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. This area served as a venue for ski jumping, nordic combined, bobsled, skeleton and luge. It also features the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center, which houses both the Alf Engen Ski Museum and George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum. Parking and admission to the museums and venue is free. It was a real thrill to be there and remember what happened. I felt like I was a small part of it. The area itself I beautiful and has a small-town feel even though it has grown in the last decade or so.

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