National Archives in D.C. – Home of the 3 Formative Documents of the US

National Archives 1Been thinking a lot about Veteran’s Day this year and all those who have served in one of the branches of our Armed Forces. This may be due to the craziness of the heated presidential election, but either way, I have been feeling extremely thankful for those who had served as well as their families. I have also been thinking about some of the more patriotic and historical places I have been and how much they have touched me. I really enjoyed our visit to the Washington Monument but there was something enormously special about the National Archives Building we visited during a trip to our National Capitol in Washington D.C. in October of 2000. It was one of those experiences which I will never forget.  The only thing closer was our visit to Fort McHenry in the Baltimore area.  Continue reading “National Archives in D.C. – Home of the 3 Formative Documents of the US”

Washington Monument, D.C. – The World’s Tallest Obelisk

Washington Monument 1On a trip to Maryland in October 2000, we decided to spend a few days and explore our National Capitol. It was an incredible experience. The city was so alive and you could feel it in the air. There were quite a few things that impressed me, especially the National Archives. However,  we also had a great time exploring the magnificent Washington Monument. I had seen so many images of it, and was happy to finally see it in person. Continue reading “Washington Monument, D.C. – The World’s Tallest Obelisk”