Alabama – Georgia – US States Number 1 Through 10


We have traveled a lot throughout the US and have actually been to 41 of the 50 States. Thus I decided to share some information about each state as well as the state road sign. If we didn’t get to a state sign yet (or forgot to get one while we were there), I have posted another picture of a state sign and will replace it once we have pictures. In the meantime, please enjoy the information on the states from Alabama-Georgia.  FYI, these are in alphabetical order.

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Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery – The Yellowhammer State

Alabama State Capitol-FrontIn May of 2011, we found ourselves in Florida to see the St. Augustine Lighthouse, the Florida State Capitol, The Budweiser Brewery, and a few other attractions. While there we took a couple of extra days and went up to Montgomery Alabama. We met up with some friends that live in Tennessee (read my post about our visit to the Jack Daniels Distillery), and toured the Alabama State Capitol Building. Continue reading “Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery – The Yellowhammer State”