Freedom – Quit My 9-5 Cube to Live the Freedom Lifestyle

Freedom - People Celebrate

I have a dream! No, I am not sharing MLK’s speech, but I do have a dream that I want to share with you today. I have been working hard and saving as much as I can for the last few years to be able to quit my 9-5 cubical job and live the freedom lifestyle. My hope and desire have been to be able to work full-time on my blog. It has been a goal to be able to work from home doing what I love for years, but especially since I started this blog. in the middle of 2015. On that note, I started this adventure during a very low time at my job. There was a month or two with many changes, a lot of people leaving (like 8-10 people), and I lost respect for someone that I had truly admired. It was an eye-opening period that left me feeling hopeless, heartbroken, and totally defeated. Everything I did felt pointless.  The only thing that kept my going was my team members and the consultants I help to support. They always showed me their appreciation and still do. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wouldn’t have made it through those few months without you and your support.

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USS Arizona Memorial, Hawaii – Our Visit Brought up Many Emotions

USS Arizona_usOn our trip to Oahu in late December of 2016, we were able to see the USS Arizona Memorial and pay respect to those lives lost on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.  It was so surreal and an experience that I will never forget. Although it almost didn’t happen, and our visit had to be rescheduled.  Obama and the Prime Minister were touring the memorial the same day as we were scheduled. Just our luck, lol. But it worked out and we were able to visit the day before.  Continue reading “USS Arizona Memorial, Hawaii – Our Visit Brought up Many Emotions”