Prague, Czech Republic – My Top 7 Free Things on Our to-do List

Prague - City1In May of 2018, we were spending a couple of weeks in Europe for our 20th anniversary.  While we were looking forward to spending a week in Germany, and part of a week in Vienna, one of the places I was really looking forward to spending a few days in was Prague. This city looks so amazing and interesting. I couldn’t wait to explore it. As with the other cities, we have a few things planned but also wanted to mix in a few free things while in the area. Thus I eagerly did some research and found quite a few free things. Thus I decided to share with all of you in case you are planning your own trip to Prague. Here is the list of my top 7 free things we hope to do on our trip (in no particular order). I will also let you know which places we visited and share a little about our experience while visiting.

Charles Bridge

Prague - Charles-Bridge-1The first thing on my list is the Charles Bridge. It is a stone Gothic bridge that connects the Old Town and Lesser Town (Malá Strana). It was actually called the Stone Bridge (Kamenný most) during its first several centuries. Its construction was commissioned by the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and began in 1357. I look forward to seeing in in the day and at night. Looks so romantic.

Prague - Charles-Bridge-UsThis bridge was absolutely amazing. You can read more about it on my Charles Bridge Post, but just know it, and the city was everything I had hoped it would be. It was packed, with a lot of people and vendors, but it didn’t matter. I was more interested in the views and the architecture. We were able to see Prague Castle, which was beautiful. We walked along the bridge at night and it was so romantic. It was a wonderful way to celebrate part of our anniversary.  If you are in the area, try to take an evening stroll. You won’t be disappointed.

Prague Castle

Prague - CastleAnother thing we look forward to is exploring the grounds of Prague Castle – Dating from 870 AD, Prague Castle is a popular tourist attraction that dominates the city skyline and was once the seat of the ancient Czech Kings. You can explore the castle gardens and much of the grounds for free, and you’ll often find lots of events and concerts taking place around the grounds. There’s also the ‘Changing of the Guards’ which you can see every hour on the hours from 6 am – 11 pm. Definitely want to see that.

Wallenstein Gardens

Prague - WallensteinStrolling through the Wallenstein Gardens also sounds fun. Located In the lower part of the Malá Strana district you’ll find the decorative and enjoyable Wallenstein Gardens. These beautifully preened and organized gardens are lined with fountains, trees, and numerous bronze statues, and it’s free to enter. During the warmer months, there are also many free concerts and performances taking place. Please note these gardens are only open from April 1st through October 31st.

John Lennon Wall

Prague - John Lenon WallIf you are a Beatles fan, make sure to check out the John Lennon Wall. Oddly it started off as just any old wall, but since the 1980s it has become a tribute to the famous band member. After Lennon’s murder in 1980, his image was painted on this wall opposite the French Embassy along with song lyrics and political graffiti. Despite numerous coats of whitewash from the secret police in the early years, along with the property owners in recent years, the graffiti was always reposted and they have bowed down to the posting of it in recent years.

Astronomical Clock

Prague - Astronomical ClockBesides the Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock is one of the biggest attractions.  Dating from the 15th century, this beautiful and intricate clock lies on the side of the Old Town Hall Tower. Every hour, on the hour you will see crowds gathering in front of the clock to watch the ‘Procession of the Twelve Apostles. There are also 12 medallions below the clock, each of which represents the signs of the zodiac, which were added after the clock in the 19th century. Can wait to see this clock and watch the “show”.

We did see the clock while walking around the Old Town Center. Sadly since we were there in May, it was being maintained (found this was similar for many historical pieces of art throughout Europe in the month of May). It was all covered with a picture like above, but we couldn’t actually see it working. 🙁 We could hear it at the hour, but couldn’t see anything. So disappointing. I guess we will have to go back one day, lol.

Divoká Šárka Park

Prague - Divoká Šárka ParkAnother thing on our list that we hope to do is visit Divoká Šárka Park. Nestled in the northwestern suburb of Prague, the nature reserve has a huge gorge and is dotted with towering trees, rock formations, and beautiful waterfalls. I love waterfalls and want to go for just this reason. However, another reason to come here: the park is not touristy, making it a great hideaway! Sounds like an amazing place for a picnic.

Holešovice Market

Prague - Holešovice MarketLooking for some fresh fruit or veggies, or want to do some shopping? If so, head to the Holešovice Market which is known for food products, clothes, and electronics. It is also known as the largest of its kind in Prague, where thousands of tourists visit every year. We may check it out depending on time, but sounds interesting.

We did look for this market and found a food market, but I don’t think this was the one. However, there are many throughout the city and I am sure they are quite similar. Nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables. If you make it to Munich, as we did, make sure to check out Viktualienmarkt Farmers Market.

Prague - City2Hope you enjoy these pictures and information.  Here is a link to a website with more info and things to do while in Prague.  If you have some more free things to do in Prague that you want to share, please comment below and I will be happy to add them to my post. Happy Travels.

Prague - Night


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4 thoughts on “Prague, Czech Republic – My Top 7 Free Things on Our to-do List

  1. Thanks for another lovely tour of a location I would not otherwise see! Who owned the castle and who lived there? I had never heard of the astronomical clock! But it is surely the most beautiful clock I have ever seen.

    1. My pleasure Heidi. It is so beautiful and something was just calling me there. Now Croatia is calling me, lol. Just money and time, lol (and the stupid Wuhan virus, 🙁 ) Hopefully we will make it someday in the future. Thanks for the msg and the nice compliment. 🙂

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