NYC Christmas Videos – Top Things To Do in NYC at Christmas

NYC Christmas 1

NYC Christmas Visit

The holidays are upon us and I have to say, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love the lights, the music, the food, and especially the meaning of Christmas. They are always exciting, but Christmas of 2018 was especially epic. We were happy to be able to experience the NYC Christmas season in mid-December!  We couldn’t wait to see the lights, trees, window decorations, and everything NYC is known for during Christmas. I was not disappointed. It was more than I thought it would be. The tree at Rockefeller Center is something you HAVE to make sure to see while in the area.

NYC Christmas 2We had been to New York once before but not at Christmas, so this was definitely a treat. Before our trip, I had many ideas of things I would like to see and do but thought. I had a few ideas and wanted to check out a few Christmas Markets like the one at Union Square Holiday Market. While doing research, I checked out a few videos to see if there were any must-sees that I was missing.  Was very glad I watched them as I got a few interesting ideas. It made me even more excited 🙂  With that said, here are a few videos I found and would like to share. Hopefully they will give you some ideas if you are planning your own NYC Christmas vacation.

Christmas in New York – Top Things To Do

This video was created by RayaWasHere.


This video was created by Renida

 NYC Christmas 6

My 12 Favourite Things to do in NYC at CHRISTMAS

This video was created by Viktoria Varga

New York Christmas Walk – Fifth Avenue to Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

This section of my post was written before our NYC Christmas visit. As I watched these videos I got more and more excited about our NYC Christmas experience. One of my high school friends from Maryland may even come up to visit us while there, so that will make it even more exciting. They each brought up some great ideas and suggestions. Of course many of them were the same, but they also shared a few unique ideas as well.

NYC Christmas 4If we do decide to do the ice skating thing, will probably do it at Bryant Park or Wolfman Rink. I have seen the rink at Rockefeller Center during October and it can get packed. I can only imagine what it will be like in December. Even though we weren’t planning to go skating, I had to go see it. I also learned about the Saks 5th Avenue light show. I did not know about that, but will definitely check it out (update – we saw it and it was amazing).

NYC Christmas 3Hope you enjoy these videos. If you like it give them a thumbs up and maybe subscribe to their channel. I will be back after our NYC Christmas stores in early January. If there is something you really enjoy in NYC at Christmas, please share so I can check it out too. Merry Christmas early.

NYC Christmas 5


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3 thoughts on “NYC Christmas Videos – Top Things To Do in NYC at Christmas

  1. You’ve been to all the wonderful places that are on my Christmas Travel Bucket List!!
    I once used a picture of these gigantic red ornaments for a window decoration at our office. That way I brought a bit of the big city into our small town.
    I love your pictures, thank you for sharing. While I would love to visit NYC at Christmastime, I’m not a fan of crowds. Do you think I could still cope?

  2. Having lived in New York for over 30 years, I’ve spent a lot of Christmases there but haven’t visited the city during the holidays for quite a while. Although I dislike the crowds in NYC, my favorite Christmas thing there is Macy’s window display and the festive atmosphere that seems to be everywhere.

    Thanks for the memories.

  3. Samantha, thanks for the array of NYC Christmas experiences. I had never even heard of the Saks Fifth Avenue light show. Fun! Also, I have never been to the Holiday Markets, but those look like another fun evening wander. Merry Holidays!

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