The Brooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

Brooklyn Bridge-1December of 2018 Gene and I we were lucky enough to spend a week in New York. It was magical and I loved seeing the city all decked out for Christmas. The sights and sounds were amazing. It is something you can really describe. You just have to experience it yourself if you haven’t. Anyway, since it was our second trip to New York and decided to explore a little and headed out to take some pictures of the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. I love bridges and this was a highlight on my list that we didn’t get much of a chance to do the last time we were in NYC. So we some searching and found that the best place to see both of these was at a place called Brooklyn Bridge Park in the DUMBO neighborhood. Recently I shared a post with some pictures and history of the Manhattan Bridge. Today I am going to do the same for the more famous Brooklyn Bridge. They are both beautiful and unique in their own way.

Brooklyn Bridge-2For those of you who don’t know, the Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City. It connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, spanning the East River. The bridge has a main span of 1,595.5 feet and a height of 276.5 feet above mean high water. It is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States and was the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge, as well as the first fixed crossing across the East River. Since its opening, the Brooklyn Bridge has become an icon of New York City, ranking among the city’s most popular tourist attractions. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964 and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1972.

Brooklyn Bridge-5Today The Brooklyn Bridge is accessible to vehicles from the Brooklyn entrances of Tillary/Adams Streets, Sands/Pearl Streets, and Exit 28B of the eastbound Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. In Manhattan, cars can enter from either direction of the FDR Drive, Park Row, Chambers/Centre Streets, and Pearl/Frankfort Streets. Pedestrian and bicycle access to the bridge from the Brooklyn side is from either Tillary/Adams Streets (in between the vehicular entrance/exit) or a staircase on Prospect Street between Cadman Plaza East and West. In Manhattan, the pedestrian walkway is accessible from the end of Centre Street or through the unpaid south staircase of Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall / Chambers Street subway station complex.

Brooklyn Bridge-4If you prefer to walk or bike the bridge, there is a wide walkway open above the automobile lanes. Apparently more than 4,000 pedestrians and 3,100 cyclists cross the Brooklyn Bridge each day. That is a lot of people, lol. We didn’t see that many people walking the day we were there, but we did see many bicyclists.

Brooklyn Bridge-3On a historical note, the New York and Brooklyn Bridge was opened for use on May 24, 1883. Thousands of people attended the opening ceremony, and many ships were present in the East Bay for the occasion.  With its unprecedented length and two stately towers, the Brooklyn Bridge was dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world.” For several years after its construction, it remained the tallest structure in the Western hemisphere. These were two interesting facts that I was not aware of until working on this post. Thought it was pretty cool.

Brooklyn Bridge-6I really enjoyed our visit to see the two bridges and they are both incredible. I can see why so many people really love the Brooklyn Bridge, but truth be told, I have to say I like the Manhattan Bridge a little bit better.  Again, you can read more about it in this post. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and a little bit of history on these two important bridges in New York City. Here’s a link to a website with more information if you are interested.

Directions to Brooklyn Bridge (Manhattan) with public transportation

The following transit lines have routes that pass near Brooklyn Bridge

  • Bus Bus: B62, BXM18, M15, M20, SIM5
  • Train Train: PATH
  • Subway Subway: 4, A, C, J, R

Walking the bridge

If you start on the Brooklyn side, the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway and Bicycle Lane begin at Tillary Street and Adams Street. Finding the entrance to the pedestrian walkway is easy, but the intersection is very busy and apparently there is almost constant road construction in the area, so be ready for that.

I also heard that there is also a Washington Street Stairs entrance, but not sure when it is. Just thought I would throw that out there. Do any New Yorkers want to fill me in? I will be glad to update this.

If starting in Manhattan, the pedestrian entrance for the Brooklyn Bridge walk is located just across Centre Street, by City Hall.  FYI. if you want the best views of Manhattan, start on the Brooklyn side.  You will see the amazing skyline throughout your walk.


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8 thoughts on “The Brooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

  1. Hey, Samantha,

    I was quite excited when I saw the subject of your post today. Having lived in New York for many years now, I have driven on this bridge as well as the surrounding streets. I haven’t walked on it and do not plan to do that. Thanks, again, for your details about the places you have visited. Virtual traveling is the thing, these days. 😁

    1. Hi there Florence. Hope my post reminded you of some fond memories. That’s about all a lot of people can do right now. I have done a lot of traveling through my memories this year, lol. I have enjoyed being part of this UBC and going down memory lane so to speak. And like you said, a lot of people are doing the virtual travel thing, but that is NEVER near the same. Hope we can all explore again freely very soon. Happy travels when we can!

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