Las Terrenas – Dominican Republic Visitor Guide Series Part 3 of 5

Las Terrenas - BeachHi all, I am doing a little something different this month and doing a 5 part series on cities to visit in the Dominion Republic. This is part 3 of 5.  Below are links to other cities in the country that we hope to visit.  I have been watching some of my favorite YouTube vloggers Delightful Travellers and they have been there for six months and are planning to be there for a few more months. They make it look so beautiful and inviting that we are seriously thinking about spending a week or so there over Christmas and New Years’ this year. We have never been out of the country over the New Year I don’t think, and have never been to the Dominion Republic so this will be an adventure! Not sure where we will end up if we do go to the DR, thus I wanted to do some research on many cities to decide where we would like to visit most. This post is about a beach city named Las Terrenas. In it, I am going to share some of the fun things I hope to do if we make it to Las Terrenas, as well as share a little history about the area.

Las Terrenas - Beach 2Located in the province of Samaná, Las Terrenas is a town on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. While there are many hotels, clubs, restaurants, and shopping centers in Las Terrenas, this town is mostly known for its scenic landscapes, white-sand beaches, and clear waters. This city is about two hours from Santo Domingo which makes it popular with Dominicans as well as foreigners.

Las Terrenas - ChairsThe climate in Las Terrenas is warm, oppressive, windy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 71°F to 87°F and is rarely below 69°F or above 89°F. Based on the beach/pool scores, the best time of year to visit Las Terrenas for hot-weather activities is from late November to late April.

Las Terrenas - CoveOf course, the main attraction or draw to Las Terrenas is its beaches. There are quite a few but I wanted to share a few that I have heard about and would maybe like to visit if we do make it to Las Terrenas in the future. Here they are in no particular order.

Playa Bonita

This crescent-shaped, cozy white sand beach is lined with a variety of boutique hotels, villas, and restaurants. Apparently, the western edge of the beach is as still as a swimming pool which usually attracts families, while the eastern side–faces hotels and a kitesurfing school which offers active waves for the adventurous.

Playa Las Ballenas

This spacious wide white sand stretch beach with a shallow and calm sea sits right in the heart of Las Terrenas. There is also a lot of shade as each side of the beach is lined in part by hotels, villas, bars, and restaurants. One other note, the beach is named Playa Las Bellenas due to the three rocky stones in the distance resembling humpback whales, bellenas.

Playa Coson

Looking for a beach where you can snorkel or dive? Well, check out Playa Coson. Here you can practice a wide range of activities or aquatic sports like snorkeling or diving. But if you do not want to partake in any sports, you can just relax under the Dominican sun. You will also find a wide range of restaurants, bars, and hotels to have fun and relax. This beach has excellent conditions due to its fine sand and turquoise waters.

Las Terrenas - Beach 1

Playa Morón

About 6 kilometers (4 miles) from Las Terrenas is Playa Morón and it sounds like it is worth the drive to experience this beach. It is secluded and has beautiful turquoise waters for swimming or just enjoying the views. While looking around you may notice the 18-century French canons used by Napoleon’s army in 1802 when France occupied these parts to mount a defense and crush the revolt of enslaved Africans in neighboring Haiti.

Playa Punta Popy

I said earlier in one of my posts that kitesurfing was a popular activity and you will find a lot of this in Playa Punta Popy. This is due to the fact that the area is peppered with a maze of giant palm trees, and its white-sand shores offer the perfect wind and wave conditions for kite surfers. But don’t be surprised to see many swimmers and paddleboarders, as well as crowds who come here to enjoy daily sunset views.

Playa Lanza Del Norte Beach

While not easy to get to, if you visit Playa Lanza Del Norte Beach you will find it in a small cozy bay surrounded by coconut palms and protected on both sides by rocky capes. The coast is covered with silky white sand, and the sea is calm and transparent, with a delightful turquoise color.

Las Terrenas - BirdWhile the beaches are the main highlight of Las Terrenas, there a still quite a few things to see and do in the city center or nearby the city. Here are a few in no particular order.

‘El Limon’ Waterfall Cascade

About half an hour away from Las Terrenas is this amazing waterfall called El Limón. While it may be tucked away in some rough landscape, it is surrounded by peaks and covered in lush greenery. The water is 52m high and there is a beautiful swimming hole at the bottom. However, even though it may be a perfect spot to wash off some of the sweat and mud from the trip there, it is often too deep or cold for a long dip or playing around in. Still sounds beautiful to see and experience.

Haitises National Park

Looking to see some beautiful rock formations? If so, you definitely need to plan a visit to the Haitises National Park. The area of Los Haitises translates to “hilly land” and is where many visitors and locals come by boat to see the magnificent rock formations. They are 30meter (98 feet) high and stretch 1,6000 km2 (618 square miles). The park is also filled with extensive mangroves along its bay and dotted with cayes that are home to multiple bird colonies, as well as a series of caves with many petroglyphs and pictographs. One note of interest, the park is one of the remaining rainforests in the DR and was used as a filming location in Jurassic Park. How cool, huh? I would definitely love to explore this park.

Samana Zipline

From what looks like a wrecked ship atop the tallest mountain in the area, visitors begin a downfall voyage by walking the plank. Reaching speeds of up to 40 mph, you criss-cross from platform to platform with breathtaking views! There are 12 lines and 13 stations!. The longest line boasts of being over 1200 feet long and 450 high. That is almost a 45-story office building!

Las Terrenas - Beach 3I hope we can make it to the Dominican Republic sometime this year or the year after. I know there are a lot of things to do in Las Terrenas so it might be hard to select just a few, especially if you only have a short amount of time. Whenever we go, I know I plan on going to a beach either early in the morning or late afternoon and exploring other aspects of the area during the day. Have you been to Las Terrenas? If so, please share some of your highlights in the comments below and add anything I may have missed while doing research.

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Please come back on Tuesday for part four of this series. Viajes felices!


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