Las Terrenas – Dominican Republic Visitor Guide Series Part 3 of 5

Las Terrenas - BeachHi all, I am doing a little something different this month and doing a 5 part series on cities to visit in the Dominion Republic. This is part 3 of 5.  Below are links to other cities in the country that we hope to visit.  I have been watching some of my favorite YouTube vloggers Delightful Travellers and they have been there for six months and are planning to be there for a few more months. They make it look so beautiful and inviting that we are seriously thinking about spending a week or so there over Christmas and New Years’ this year. We have never been out of the country over the New Year I don’t think, and have never been to the Dominion Republic so this will be an adventure! Not sure where we will end up if we do go to the DR, thus I wanted to do some research on many cities to decide where we would like to visit most. This post is about a beach city named Las Terrenas. In it, I am going to share some of the fun things I hope to do if we make it to Las Terrenas, as well as share a little history about the area.

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Tulum – The Mayan Ruins in the City of Dawn, Cancun

tulumIt may have been over 23 years ago since we visited Cancun, Mexico on our honeymoon, but we had a great time. One of the things we enjoyed while on our visit was the site of a Pre-Columbian Maya walled city named Tulum.  However, it was formerly been known by the name Zama, meaning City of Dawn, because it faces the sunrise. Continue reading “Tulum – The Mayan Ruins in the City of Dawn, Cancun”

Philipsburg, Saint Martin – Our 3 Favorite Beaches

PhilipsburgAt one point in time, we had a timeshare in Saint Maarten (I know, I know) and have been there a few times. While we were there, we always had to spend some time in Philipsburg. Before heading there the first time we knew that Saint Maarten was a Caribbean island divided into two parts, the Dutch and French (Saint Martin) sides. However, the first time we visited, we did not know that Philipsburg is actually the capital of the Dutch Saint Martin side. We also quickly learned that bargain seekers flock to the duty-free and sales-tax-free stores of Philipsburg’s mile-long commercial district. This can be viewed as either good news (more shopping choices, better deals, and more beach activities) or bad news (more people) for this busy port of call. I am not a big crowd person, so we spent a lot of time in the water and near the beach. Here are some of our favorites: Continue reading “Philipsburg, Saint Martin – Our 3 Favorite Beaches”