Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO – Boulder’s Commercial Artery

Pearl Street Mall-BuffaloIn November of 2019 we did a staycation and spent a long weekend at the Hyatt Place here in Boulder, CO. While there we were able to do something that we hadn’t done since we’ve lived here in CO, we walked up and down Pearl Street Mall. Here is a little bit of trivia for those interested, the Pearl Street Mall was officially dedicated on August 6, 1977.  It was nice to be out and about, but the most fun was watching all the street performers. It was a little chilly, but not too bad for the beginning of November.

Pearl Street Mall - Pasta JaysWe walked around a checked out some of the stores for a few hours until it was lunchtime and we ended up at Pasta Jays. It was great and they have a lot of choices from pizza to pasta, salads as well as sandwiches. We had previously tried a pizza at the location in Moab, but not the one here in Boulder.  So while we were in the area we decided it would be the place to have lunch that afternoon.  We walked inside and the place smelled wonderful.  A great indication of what would be a mouthwatering meal. We both had their gnocchi and it was amazing. I highly suggest trying it sometime.

After a huge lunch, we were ready to walk it off and hit the mall again. One of the best performers we saw while walking around was this guy named Sam Malcolm. He was awesome and is reported to be Denver’s favorite fire juggler and comedian. It definitely didn’t take much time for him to become my favorite. He was hilarious and even dragged Gene and 3 other guys into the show, lol. It was a blast, and he was so funny. Sadly I can’t remember everything he said. However, here above is a short clip from his act.  He had us (the audience) cracking up the whole time. He even dragged a couple of kids into the show too.

Pearl Street Mall - DogSpeaking of kids, there were a couple of things they really enjoyed. One of the first things we saw was a person dressed up like a dog, barking and rolling over for treats (money). It was cute and the kids got a kick out of throwing change in his dog bowl. I have to admit that I found it fun and hilarious. We stood around watching him perform for the kids for quite a while, lol Definitely have never seen anything like that before, lol.

Pearl Street Mall - MuscianThe second act that the kids really liked was a person playing music with an accordion. There we only two or three when he started playing, but there were at least a couple dozen by the time he was finished. It was great seeing the kids getting into his music and dancing around. Even some of the adults we clapping and singing along. It was nice standing around and listening to them for a few minutes.

Pearl Street Mall - PainterBesides all the performers we saw a few artists painting and talking to people as they walked by.  We didn’t buy anything that day, but I was very tempted. Some of their pieces we beautiful. There were also a lot of statues and we had to take one in front of the elk. Seemed like the thing to do, lol. Later we saw kids climbing all over it even though that was not allowed.

Pearl Street Mall - UsWe had an interesting afternoon at the Pearl Street Mall and look forward to going again in the near future. It’s just a short ride on RTD. Which I suggest since parking can be a nightmare in the area. Hope to see it all decked out for Christmas one year. If we do, I will come back and share some more pictures. In the meantime, here is a link with more information about the Pearl Street Mall.

Pearl Street Mall Visitor Information



1942 Broadway #301, Boulder, CO 80302




24 hours


As with any downtown location, parking is at a premium. The safest bet is to take public transportation (RTD), or rideshare. There are also options for bicycling.  However, there is some street parking around the mall but it usually goes fast. There are meters with accept coins and credit cards. There are also some parking garages in the area. Here is a link with some locations and pricing.


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4 thoughts on “Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO – Boulder’s Commercial Artery

  1. Samantha, I love that place! I haven’t been there in a bunch of years, but I loved the quaint little shops (some national brands) in the red brick spaces. How wonderful to hear there are now street performers and bronze statues. Making a wonderful place a great community space!

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