Your AAA Card Can Save You Enough Money to Pay Your Membership!

AAAColoradoEverybody knows that the Automobile Association of America (AAA) has roadside assistance, and will be there when you need them. Heck, I have been with them for over 25 years and have used them quite a few times. There is nothing like seeing that big white truck coming to help you. It’s like a knight in shining armor coming to save the day. Ok, maybe not, but if you are stuck on the side of the road, you are definitely relieved to see them.

aaa-truckSadly, many people don’t realize that an AAA membership is WAY more than just a card you pull out in an emergency. Being a member gives you access to exclusive discounts that can easily save you enough money each year to pay for your membership! I am going to list several industries and companies that give you discounts, but the best way is to check the local AAA website of the state where you will be visiting.

aaa- airport-parking-lotvAs stated, AAA has teamed up with several vendors to bring you many travel discounts. As a matter of fact,  if traveling by air, they help you save money before you even get to the airport. They have partnered up with these parking vendors: The Parking Spot, USAirport Parking, and Wally Park. They all give 15% off to AAA members, so why not take advantage?

aaa -rental-carOnce you land at your destination,  AAA is there to save you money again. They have partnered with such car rental companies as Dollar, Thrifty, and Hertz. Dollar and Thrifty offer about a 10% discount as well as savings on a GPS system. Hertz offers these additional perks for members :

  • Up to 20% OFF daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rentals in the US and Canada
  • 10% OFF when you “Prepay the Fuel”
  • $6.99 per day for GPS rental, a savings of $6 per day
  • FREE use of a child, infant, or booster seat, a savings of $11.99 per day
  • No charge for additional qualified AAA/CAA drivers, a savings of $13 per day per driver – Huge savings there!
  • 50% off SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio rental, a savings of $2.50 per day
  • Up to 25% OFF International daily rates

aaa - hotel-room You got your car, and now your off to crash after a long day of traveling. Where do you stay? Well if you want to save some money on your hotel bill, you can use your AAA card to save some $$$ at some of these hotel chains and their affiliates: Hyatt, Marriott, Best Western, and Sheraton. They all usually offer a 10%-15% discount depending on the day and the time of year. They often have specials just for AAA members. Definitely worth asking.

aaa - sea-worldNow for the fun part, what attractions can you save money on while on your vacation? Here are a few of those:  Adventure Island, Aquatica, Sea Life Aquarium, Busch Gardens, Disney World in Orlando, Williamsburg in Virginia, Legoland, Elitch Gardens in Denver, Sea World, Six Flags, Kennedy Space Center, and Universal Orlando. Of course, these are just a few, and discounts vary.  Again check out the AAA website for more deals and details. You may be surprised and some of the jewels you will find.

aaa - restaurantDid you know that you can also save on dining out at home as well as when traveling with AAA? I did not, and now feel silly for not knowing this was an option. I regret not using it before and can’t help but think of all the money I could have saved had I known. Well, I know now, lol. I use mine all the time for hotels and sometimes car rentals, but never thought about using it when dining. Here are just a few places where you can show your card and save. Some of the ones closest to us are Hard Rock Cafe, 10%, Landry’s and their affiliates 10%,  Dave and Busters 10%, and Papa Johns up to 33%. The best way again is to check the local AAA website.  We will definitely be using my card in the future. We also have an AAA Visa card which we use all time to get cashback, and every once in a while a server or manager will notice the card when paying and give us 10% off. It’s always a nice surprise when that happens.

aaa- discountAs this is a travel blog, I have focused mostly on the travel aspect, however,  there are many more industries and retailers that will accept your card for a discount.  Some such categories are in the entertainment field including movies, art shows, and plays. If your car needs to be checked out or tuned up, AAA has discounts with several car repair shops to try and help save you some on those high maintenance costs. Of course, there are also shopping discounts to be had on shoes, flowers, and computers.  As you can see, there is a wide variety, and this is just a snippet of what is available. Sorry for repeating myself again, but check the local AAA website for what is available in the state where you live,  or where you are visiting. Have fun, use your card, and it can pay for itself! Happy traveling and saving.


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