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Sweetheart City 1Happy Valentines Day everyone! I know that this time of year can be hard for many people and so does the city of Loveland, CO.  According to Loveland’s Chamber of Commerce, the city of Loveland, also known as ‘The Sweetheart City has been re-mailing valentines with a special cachet and postal cancellation since 1947. Since then, Loveland has become world-renowned for its dedication to romance. Not only does The Sweetheart City capture the essence of romance via its world-renowned Valentine Re-mailing program, but also via the many weddings and anniversaries celebrated each year!

Sweetheart City 2Since the programs began the Loveland post office, and 60 volunteer stampers, have been bringing love, hope, and sentiments to people in all 50 states and more than 110 countries with a special cachet stamp and message through the program. More than 160,000 valentines get mailed each year from mothers to sons, grandfathers to granddaughters, and everyone in between. Famous athletes, celebrities, and even the president often get Valentine’s day cards stamped with Loveland’s special message. Some of the most heartfelt valentines that have come through Loveland are the ones sending messages of hope and love to our troops overseas, to children battling life-threatening illnesses, and to those who are overcoming tragedy and need an extra note of encouragement.

Sweetheart City 3I had never heard of the Sweetheart City Valentines Day program until I moved her to Colorado, but I think it’s amazing. The Valentine Re-Mailing celebrated almost 75 years of doing this, and I think it is great. Here is how it works, send your pre-addressed, pre-stamped valentine in an enclosed, larger 1st Class envelope. Then send all envelopes to:

Postmaster – Attention Valentines  

446 E. 29th St.

Loveland, CO 80538-9998

Sweetheart City 4Once received, valentines will be removed from the larger envelope and will be stamped with the special Loveland cachet stamp and postmark before being re-mailed to its intended recipient. To ensure delivery by Valentine’s Day make sure we receive your valentines by the following deadlines.

Important Dates for the 2022 Loveland Re-Mailing Program:

Feb. 2nd, 2022    Online Card Sales End

Feb. 2nd, 2021    International Mail Deadline

Feb. 7th, 2021     US Mail Deadline

Feb. 9th, 2021     Colorado/Wyoming Mail Deadline

* Mail for these destinations may be sent after the deadline, however, it will not get to the recipient before Valentine’s Day.  

As a side note, you are more than welcome to drop off Loveland Valentine’s at the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, 5400 Stone Creek Circle Suite 200 Loveland, CO

Loveland Stamp 2021Above is last year’s stamp. It’s kind of cute. I have seen an image of the one for this year, but don’t want to spoil it for those you may receive one 🙂 In the meantime, I am wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day. May you get a special delivery this year! Here is a link to their website if you would like more information.

Sweetheart City 5



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2 thoughts on “Sweetheart City Valentines Program – Loveland, Colorado

  1. This is great. I hadn’t heard of this either. Thanks for posting. Going to send one to my a couple of ppl. Thx again. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Missy and leaving a msg. I really appreciate the feedback. Happy early Valentines Day! Samantha

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