Apple Harvest and Pie Recipe – Oak Glen, California

Apple-Harvest-SignCome and experience Oak Glen’s Apple Harvest running Labor Day Weekend through Thanksgiving Weekend.  Located in Southern California, it is found on Oak Glen Road which is a scenic loop that travels a total distance of 20 miles. Continue reading “Apple Harvest and Pie Recipe – Oak Glen, California”

Ruby Falls – One of Tennessee’s Must See Attractions

Ruby-Falls-FrontWe had a great tour a few years ago at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and looked forward to doing more. Thus while visiting some friends in Tennessee, we decided to tour Ruby Falls in Chattanooga.  It is a 145-foot high underground waterfall located within Lookout Mountain. Continue reading “Ruby Falls – One of Tennessee’s Must See Attractions”

Knott’s Scary Farm- A Southern California Halloween Tradition

My favorite amusement park is Knott’s Berry Farm in California, and one of October’s best things to do is spend an evening at their annual Knott’s Scary Farm. According to Knott’s, it all began in September of 1973. The park was getting rid of Gypsy Camp, and between the marketing and entertainment departments, they introduced a new concept–a Halloween-themed event for the evenings of October 26 to 28. Halloween Haunt was born. It is now known as Knott’s Scary Farm!

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Anderson Farms in Erie – A Colorado Fall Tradition

Anderson-FarmsAs summer fades into fall it means cooler days and nights, jackets, leaves changing colors, Halloween costume shopping, and picking out the perfect pumpkin.  For many, it also means the yearly pilgrimage to Anderson Farms in Erie, Colorado. It is called the Fall Festival and this year it runs from September 25th to October 31st. Continue reading “Anderson Farms in Erie – A Colorado Fall Tradition”

Best Senior Winter Destinations in the U.S.

United-States-Road-MapAs we slowly creep into the 55 Plus club (yikes), we look forward to being able to take some time to travel and see more of this beautiful country. While we aren’t ready to retire yet, I am always looking for fun things to do and places to visit once we do officially “retire”. Since it is fall (yay!), I started thinking about some of the best senior winter destinations in the U.S. We have actually been to a few of these, but there are a couple pf them we haven’t checked out yet. They are on our list, lol.  In case you haven’t been, here are some ideas for those looking for places to visit this winter and stay warm.  Continue reading “Best Senior Winter Destinations in the U.S.”

Space Needle in Seattle – “The 400 Day Wonder”


Many moons ago I lived in Seattle for a couple of years. Regrettably, I never had a chance to do many attractions like Pike Place Market, Microsoft, Boeing, or the WA State Capitol in Olympia. Sadly, I was never able to take a ride to the top of the Space Needle.  Yes, it is a tourist trap, but one I had wished I had done while living right there. Happily I was finally able to on our last visit to Seattle.  It was truly amazing and I am glad Gene and I got to experience it together. Of course it was not typical Seattle weather and it was quite hot that day. I kept telling Gene this is not the Seattle I remember. Not sure if he believed me or not. Either way, it was a beautiful day and the views were phenomenal. Continue reading “Space Needle in Seattle – “The 400 Day Wonder””

Odell Brewing Company – Fort Collins, Colorado

Odell Brewery FrontLast year my husband Gene, my niece Cassidy and I spent part of my birthday afternoon touring the beautiful Odell Brewing Company facility in Fort Collins.  We had never been there so it was fun checking out a new brewery basically in our own backyard. Not only did we have a good time exploring their amazing building and store, we also learned that the company has been independent since 1989 and is 100% employee-owned. I found that very interesting. They want their employees invested, and it looks like it works well for everybody. I wish a lot more companies followed this practice. I think there would be a lot more pride in what they do and feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

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How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage for Your Vacation


We recently got a new piece of Ricardo (Malibu Bay) Luggage and I love it. However it is not quite as roomy as I would like for a carry-on.  It is doing the job, but I am still looking into finding another piece to compliment our current set. With that said, I did some searching and found this great article by Bob Tom. I thought it was quite informational and decided to share it on my blog. Hope it helps you if new luggage is in your future.

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My One Year Blogiversary! What an Adventure!

Blogversary - 1


This was previously written from my old blog and have migrated some older posts, including this one about my one-year blogiversary. 

I am sitting here working on my blogiversary post and still find it hard to believe it’s been a year since I started this crazy experience of blogging. I didn’t know how to get started or even how much it cost, but I jumped in with both feet and here I am a year later. There were a lot of things that I learned along the way that I had wished I had known earlier, but we learn, grow, and move forward. The one thing I didn’t know or take into consideration, was the amount of time it takes to actually work on posts, sharing posts via social media, and responding to email, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc. However, as many have said to me throughout the year, it is a labor of love and I have enjoyed it very much. Continue reading “My One Year Blogiversary! What an Adventure!”

Miscellaneous Posts From the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Blog1As you may have seen from a few previous posts, I am in the process of migrating a few miscellaneous posts from my old blog. The articles on this post are from a challenge I often partake in, called the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The goal is to write 30 blogs in 30 days. I don’t always do all 30 days but usually get at least 20 or so which I feel 20 is better than none, lol. I have done this challenge a few times, but these are some of my first ones, and thought I would make a small collection of miscellaneous posts that I shared in the past. They are in no particular order and some of the data is now old, but I still wanted to share. Happy travels. Continue reading “Miscellaneous Posts From the Ultimate Blog Challenge”