Covid 19: The Truth and Lies Behind the Pandemic

Hi all, I haven’t been posting much on social media because of shaming and attacks from everyone, everywhere. It has been a horrible year and 1/2 and people apparently had to make it worse. Anyway, here is a research paper on how I am feeling and how horrible the Wuhan virus (or has the media is calling Covid) was handled in China from the very beginning. People have treated me harshly for telling the truth. However, I will NOT sit by and let people talk about all the “lives lost” due to the pandemic. They were NOT lost, they were murdered by the pathetic Chinese government under the leadership of a vile and pathetic excuse of a man. Anyway, it’s a mix of my feelings, but also articles on how doctors were threatened and journalists were arrested for telling the truth, while he lied and infected the world.

Please let me know what you think. I want the truth out there. We need to shine a bright light on this as the media is covering it up. We need to stand for all those victims that no longer have a voice and demand justice again China’s murdering government. The attached research paper I hope will open eyes to the corruption and agenda of Xi Jinping and try to see and hear past all of the background noise distracting people from the truth. I hope you see that it is NOT just a virus, and there is NOT a silent enemy. It has a name and a face and I sincerely hope this article has shown you how evil he is. I hope I’ve shown the lengths he has and will go to in order to try and control people in China and around the world.

Covid 19 – The Truth and Lies Behind the Pandemic

Here is a link to Adobe Reader if you don’t already have it downloaded.


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