The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa – Downtown, Denver

Brown Palace -Outside We have now lived in Colorado for over 8 years and had never been to the Brown Palace. We have heard a lot of things about this historic downtown Denver hotel, but up until a few weeks ago, we had not taken the time to go in and check it out. The first thing that I have to say was that it was bigger and smaller all at the same time if that is possible. Apparently being tall and skinny makes it look bigger. I loved how stylish it is, and how inviting all the staff made me feel while I was there. I talked to a desk clerk as well as the concierge. They were very helpful and even gave me a self-guided tour book of the hotel. They do have guided tours, which I will get into later, but I ended up just doing the self-guided tour the day I was there. Continue reading “The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa – Downtown, Denver”

Avalon, Catalina Island in California – Top 7 Things to See and Do

Avalon Catalina Island - OverviewLiving in southern California for most of my life, I have spent a few weekends in Avalon, Catalina. It’s only a short 1-hour boat ride from Long Beach, but it seems like a world away. I love that it is so small and everyone gets around on golf carts. It definitely seems like a less stressful life than living in other parts of southern CA.  Either way, it is a great place to relax and enjoy some free time.

Here are my top 7 suggestions to see and do while visiting Avalon, Catalina. Continue reading “Avalon, Catalina Island in California – Top 7 Things to See and Do”

Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa – My Embarrassing Story

Pagosa Springs Resort Spa - 1For our anniversary in May 2017 we were able to finally spend a few days down in Pagosa Springs, CO.  We drove through the area when we went to Mesa Verde, but we didn’t have time to stop.  I remember being disappointed because this cute little city begged to be explored. lol. I am happy to say, we finally made it! While we were there we took an afternoon to spend some time at the Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa.  It was absolutely wonderful, up until the very end. I will explain in a few, but let me share our amazing visit up to that point. Continue reading “Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa – My Embarrassing Story”