Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia – Take a Trip Back to the 18th Century

Colonial Williamsburg - CapitolColonial Williamsburg is a very unique city and I don’t really know where to begin, so I guess I will begin with the Colonial Williamsburg theme which is “That the future may learn from the past”. What makes this city so unique is that it has been restored as nearly as possible to its 18th-century appearance. It is truly remarkable. Everywhere you walk you see people in period clothes and carrying period accessories. It is so fun. Each day they have a paper that tells the town what day it is and what historical events happened that day in the 18th century. The “townspeople” then act out that day as if it were actually the 18th century. Continue reading “Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia – Take a Trip Back to the 18th Century”

Middleton Place Plantation – Charleston, South Carolina

Middleton Place - HouseLast New Year’s we were in Hilton Head, SC, and had an amazing time. After the new year celebration was over, we headed to Charleston to visit one of my high school friends. We had been to South Carolina before to see the state capitol, but had never really explored the area. I have to say, it is absolutely gorgeous. Our hosts showed us a great time and were wonderful tour guides. J One of the places that they took us was to see the Middleton Place Plantation. We had been to Monticello in Virginia before, so I had a small idea of what to expect, but this place was way more than I was expecting. Continue reading “Middleton Place Plantation – Charleston, South Carolina”