Central Park in New York is Exquisite During the Fall

Central ParkDesignated a National Historic Landmark on May 23, 1963, it is the most visited urban park in the United States. Central Park receives approximately 35 million visitors annually and is one of the most filmed locations in the world. I was so glad that we were going to New York in the fall, as I was hoping to have a “When Harry Met Sally” moment, but it wasn’t as “fallish” as I was thinking it might be.  However it was still amazing and quite magical for us that day, Gene and I got re-engaged!!! While in Central Park we decided to renew our vows on our 25th anniversary coming up. It was so beautiful, just like the park. I will tell you more about our visit, but first a little about the park itself. Continue reading “Central Park in New York is Exquisite During the Fall”

Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada – Magnificent Green Oasis

Stanley Park-SignOne of the top few things I wanted to do in Vancouver was visit Stanley Park. I can happily say we visited the park a couple of times and it is quite beautiful.  It’s hard to believe that it opened on September 27, 1888. It’s still so beautiful after all these years. We were there in May of 2016, but I could imagine how nice it would be in the fall. I couldn’t help but compare it to Central Park in New York the year before.  Hopefully, we will be able to visit Stanley Park sometime for my birthday in October. Continue reading “Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada – Magnificent Green Oasis”