The Alaska State Capitol in Juneau – The Last Frontier

Alaska State Capitol - BldgWe are still excited every time we get to a new state or new capitol. One of the more recent state capitols we got to see in July of 2020 was the Alaska State Capitol in Juneau. A lot of people have put down the capitol, like the one in Bismarck, ND, but I found it very beautiful. I guess they look at it like any other office building, but as I said, I still liked it. It is unique, and that’s what makes it special.  Another reason is that it doesn’t have a dome like a few other states.

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Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta – The Peach State

Georgia State Capitol - FrontWhile in Atlanta, June of 2012, we had a great time touring the Word of Coke, seeing Stone Mountain, and spending a few hours at Centennial Olympic Park. However, on our continued quest to visit all the 50 state capitols, we also toured the Georgia State Capitol while in the area. Yes, 2012 was a while ago, but I still remember our visit fondly, as well as their amazing staircase. I think it was the highlight of the building. Of course, that is just my opinion, but I really liked it. Continue reading “Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta – The Peach State”

The Wien Rathaus City Hall in Vienna, Austria is Spectacular

RathausIn May of 2018, we took a two-week trip through Munich, Prague, and Vienna. While many European cities have amazing architecture I really enjoyed our visit to the Wien Rathaus City Hall in Vienna. It was one of the free things I mentioned in my post 7 Free Things to do in Vienna.  It is beautiful and definitely much larger than I envisioned before our visit.  I loved that it was built in gothic style, with a tower similar to gothic cathedrals. Just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, lol Continue reading “The Wien Rathaus City Hall in Vienna, Austria is Spectacular”