Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park – Denver, CO

Elitch Gardens 1

This was originally posted on my previous blog and updated. I love roller coasters and was happy to be able to visit Elitch Gardens phenomenal park in September of 2017. Until our visit, I had no idea how big it was or the history of the park. While waiting to enter, I jumped online and was surprised to find out that it opened on May 1 in 1890 but was moved from its original location in 1995. That was crazy to me, lol. I also learned that it was originally 28 acres, but today it’s more than 69 acres at its current location! Since there are actually two parks, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. One is a theme park and the other is a water park. We checked out the water park a little but mostly stayed in the theme park area. We both love roller coasters.

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