Flight Delays and Cancellations of Top Four U.S. Airlines

Flight Delays - DIA

Many years ago, two weeks before a trip to Paris, France we got an email from American Airlines that they had made minor changes to an upcoming flight (I guess a 6-hour difference is minor to them). I honestly don’t know how they are still in business.  That was when we decided to stop flying American. We were sick and tired of all their flight delays, and cancellations. Thus on a trip a few years ago we had two first-class tickets to NYC in October just to use up their miles as we did not, and still don’t, plan to fly them again if possible. Continue reading “Flight Delays and Cancellations of Top Four U.S. Airlines”

Carry-On – 10 Smart Things to Pack in a Carry-On Bag

Carry-On - Airplane at SunsetMy husband and I have been traveling for many years and have learned a lot of things about flying, and packing for flights. Some of the things we have learned through our own experience (good and bad).  We have also learned by listening to other travelers’ horror stories. While we can’t do anything about airlines delays or issues, we can at least try to be prepared. This all starts with making sure you pack a small carry-on bag, even if it is for a short non-stop flight. Continue reading “Carry-On – 10 Smart Things to Pack in a Carry-On Bag”