Public House Gathering Place in Springfield, Oregon

Public House Bldg

As you may have seen from some of my posts on my blog here, as well as on other social media sites, Gene and I enjoy trying different craft breweries when we travel. One such place we really enjoyed is called the Oregon Public House in Springfield, Oregon. Not only did we enjoy some local brew, but the place is quite unique in itself. A little bit more about that in a bit. This place was one of the closest places to the Airbnb we were staying at during our visit in September of 2021. As it was the closest, we decided to check it out the first night we were there. We enjoyed it so much that we went back several times while in the area. Continue reading “Public House Gathering Place in Springfield, Oregon”

The Alamo – Home of the Battle and the Texas Revolution

Alamo - FrontOn a road trip to Texas in November of 2010, we spent a few days in the San Antonio area and had a blast.  We enjoyed spending some time at the River Walk as well as our tour of The Alamo.  I heard it was small, but I was quite surprised at how small it really was when seeing it for the first time.  It’s amazing that this is where the Spanish colonization first took hold, Mexico armed its independence and even the Confederacy stood its ground. Continue reading “The Alamo – Home of the Battle and the Texas Revolution”

St Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan NY – America’s Parish Church

St Patricks - FrontWhile running around Midtown one day in October 2015, we ended up near St Patricks Cathedral. This prominent Catholic church, and landmark, in New York, is decorated in Neo-Gothic-style Roman, and it is beautiful. One of my aunts, and my best friend, are both Catholic, and I have been to Mass with both of them at several different churches. However, I have never been in one as grand as this. To say it is gorgeous would be an understatement. It is absolutely stunning. If you are at Rockefeller  Center, it is very close. It is definitely worth heading over to see before you leave the area.

Continue reading “St Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan NY – America’s Parish Church”